A downloadable dronestrument

A roguelike-ish sound collection drone-strument toy.

Procedurally-generated environment with drone sounds to explore. Use it as a tool of exploration, or in a live noise show performance.

This is the Drone Jam initial release. Bugs may be present. Additional releases may happen at a later date if there is time and interest.

Arrow keys to control player.

Created for Drone Jam, May 7 - 14, 2022.

Built in Love2d.

Copyright © 2022


Mushy tileset by Everest Pipkin and contributors CC-BY-3.0

Pix2pix-Tensorflow was used for sprite generation of player-character.

Words from Corpora.

Isometric Character by Elska

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tagsdrone, Experimental, noise, proceduralgeneration


dronecollector.love 153 MB
dronecollector.exe 153 MB
Dronecollector_osx.zip 163 MB

Install instructions

Downloads for Mac, Windows executable, and .love file for running on Linux.

Windows and Mac

Double click on the Windows executable or Mac app.

For the Mac app, you may have to right click and choose to run untrusted software if you're on a newer mac.

(Untested: I'm creating these on Linux, so my ability to debug will be limited).

Linux (and should work on Mac too)

Do you have Love2d installed? Unzip the downloaded game. In the Terminal, navigate to the directory where you downloaded dronecollector. Type ```love dronecollector``` to launch.


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very cool looking and sounding game sadly i couldnt get the exe to run, it says its missing a few files

what files does it say you’re missing? it’s a love2d program, i could package it up.

This was extremely fun to explore. Is it alright if I sample a bit of this for the opening track of my next album? And if so, how would you like to be credited?


Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words. If it's a non-commercial project you don't need to do anything. You are welcome to credit me for dronecollector if you like (and link to the project) but not required to do so.

Link me to it later so I can check out your work!

Hello notapipe. I stumbled on "drone collector", great project. If you like, check out our "Kissa Nine Lives" platformer game. it shares kind of similar idea. We made it with my bandmate for interactive noise/ambient concerts, where audience can play the game multichannel, and we mix and modulate the audio of those gameplays to make the soundscape for the concert. The games are projected to the walls of concert space as well.

I tried it! Enjoyed the sounds I made. Great idea!

Thank you. Nice to hear you enjoyed! I've developed Kissa Nine Lives game forward with backrounds, new levels and animations of notes as well. Hope to publish version 2.0 in near future. Looking forward to see your new projects!