A submission for List Jam 2021. This is a list in no particular order of games that I thought I'd like to play and make. 

This work is postcardware. If you like it, please send me a postcard, message or email or post a comment.

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Love this 💖


You can't take my digital plants from me okay


this was really fun and i feel can easily be a jam of its own. u made 323 henley way before this list rite? lol also the bg is really good. i love ideas


yeah yeah yeah!


"Felicia's Pizza (where i worked in high school) made in the Hotline Miami level editor"

definitely need way more games based on people's part time jobs

heheheh thank you


whats the best way to send you stuff ? email discord or ... ?

good question! i have email info here at the bottom: https://leetusman.com/#info