Update: These are hand-crafted prompts, not bot-designed! :) For a bot-designed creative prompt, check out Jeff Thompson's Art Assignment Bot on twitter.


This project produces creative prompts to instigate creative production. Originally intended as a twitter bot, I think it lives better as a website or software.

Use 'Etrog Obscure Instructions' for inspiration or contemplation when you need a way to move forward on a creative endeavor.

This is highly inspired by Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies, Yoko Ono's instruction pieces, the curatorial omnibus Do It, and Miranda July/Harrell Fletcher's Learning To Love You More (one of my favorite artworks ever!).

If this proves fruitful for you, please message me.


Don't click too rapidly. It's best to click once and accept what you've been dealt! Too much choice is a problem. Constraint is an answer. :)

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This doesn't seem generative at all, the prompts make too much sense and 2 of the same prompt occur to frequently, which makes me suspicious that the prompts are written somewhere and the bot just pulls random ones. Same with the images, no new ones seem to get generated.


Hey, thanks for your comment! I did write the prompts and create the images! I should have specified, especially since I do also make generative artwork from code as well. In this description I meant 'generative' in terms of the other meaning of that word -> to produce creative prompts that would be useful by the player to help inform their own art-creation. I'll change that word in the description.


haha, just enjoyed reading your comment 'the prompts make too much sense' -> I wanted to make this 'useful' to me and others, and I know best how to do that with this approach. Currently there are about 150 prompts and images.