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Shopkeeper is a small (sub-280 character) ruleset for a solo tabletop roleplaying game (solo ttrpg). More specifically it's a solo game you play by writing a player diary. The game was submitted to James Chip's first Micro fiction games jam event Flora, Fauna and Environment (2020), and published on a page and within the compiled PDF of all entries to the jam. The rules are also reproduced here:

You are a village shopkeeper. Sketch map of area and your shop. Roll d6. You sell

  1. plant
  2. medicinal herb
  3. liquid
  4. mineral
  5. scent
  6. artifact.

Sketch item. Log: Describe a customer, a price, did you haggle? What will they use it for? Repeat until you close for the day.

If you haven't done this before, the idea is that you're playing a ttrpg by solo journaling or drawing.

The images were generated with Dalle2  text to image and can be used for flavor or inspiration, or feel free to draw or submit your own.

To *play* this game: 1) sketch a map of the area 2) sketch the shop 3) journal (log) your play until you feel done.

Game plays, tweaks to the rules or reviews welcome.


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This is a map i drew in ascii art for one of my playthroughs.

ascii art map in pink on beige showing a land divided by a river